Building Process

What Lawmar needs from you, to be able to quote building your new home.

Where do you want to build, do you have property already, do you have a plan you would like to have built for you. What finishes do you want in your home, both interior and exterior. For example, Hardie plank, vinyl, wood for the exterior. Interior finishes, granite, hardwood, tile etc.

All of these items have a direct impact on quoting.

How to begin building your new home.

Once we have a set of architectural drawing for the home, we will create a budget  that will be approved by both parties, we require your legal and financial information to confirm financing and set up a timetable of financial draws on the project. We then meet and sign the contract for the project, and a deposit cheque (usually 10%) is required to initiate the process. A start date is then determined.


1.) Cost-plus Construction Management Contract

Copies of all invoices relating to costs are given to you. Costs plus our construction management fee is clearly stated, this package will also include   invoices for materials, sub-contractor labour, will be attached to your statement. This is the least used but most cost effective way to build a new home.

 2.) Fixed Price Contract

A total price for the home is mutually agreed upon prior to construction. Allowances for items such as Lighting, Flooring, Cabinets and plumbing fixtures are listed to assist in maintaining the budget but still allowing customization. For example, you wish top purchase a product beyond the pre-determined budget this will be recognized in a change order form and reflected in the final invoice.

In the case of a pre-determined overage a change order form will be signed by both parties.  You will receive invoices based on a progress draw system.  Most financial institutions and owners prefer the fixed price contract.

3.) Management Fee Building Contract

This contract is as stated; we will manage your project for a negotiated fee determined prior to construction. This is similar to a cost plus contract in that you see all the invoices for materials and subtrade costs and labour from Lawmar. This allows the flexibility for you to control the budget and customize the house more easily. All subtrades will be discussed and quotes compared. This way you can have as much or as little input on the decisions you feel most important. The ones you want us to manage we will. We will provide on site supervision and reporting. You still get the Lawmar service, warranty and after sale service.