Are gas fired demand water heaters a good deal how much do you save?

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 in FAQ

Demand water heaters are touted as being very green and as such we investigated. We found that the installation of two not one 40 gallon electric waters is a better deal for the home owner based on Vancouver Island gas rates. The demand water heater would have to last 15 years to recover the additional cost of installation. As the estimated life of the appliance is 10 years you would most likely never recoup your additional costs. The idea of 2 electric water heaters is that only one heater is doing the heating and the second tank is acting as storage only until more than 40 gallons of water is used in a short period. You can sometimes locate the water closer to the end use meaning hot water is available at the tap sooner saving running water until it gets hot.